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What is Eirene?
What is Eirene?

Eirene is an online cremation planning service.

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Eirene was founded to provide Canadians with a simple, compassionate, and modern approach to funeral services. With 73.1% of Canadians opting for cremation each year Eirene’s goal is to be a trusted partner that simplifies the arrangement process and provides families with peace of mind.

Our cremation arrangement process gives families more time to focus on what really matters immediately after losing a loved one. All the families need to do is contact Eirene— online or over the phone, provide the required details, and then our team of experienced funeral directors will take care of the rest.

Making arrangements with Eirene allows you to:

  • Take the time you need to process the enormity of the loss that has just occurred, in whatever way you need

  • Reduce stress, pressured decisions, and family disagreements

  • Gather informally, on your own terms, remembering your loved one; sharing stories, photos and memories

  • Create the celebration your loved one would want, without pressure— no matter what that might be; a favourite restaurant, gathering a beach, in a park, on the golf course or ocean

  • Avoid the need for multiple appointments at a funeral home

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