Think of Eirene as a new type of funeral home: one that skips expensive overhead through Cadillacs and fancy buildings and provides convenient, affordable services at your doorstep.

We are Class 1 licensed and governed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario as a Transfer Service Operator. This allows us to pick up your loved one, prepare them for their cremation or aquamation, fill out all required paperwork, and hand-deliver the remains to the family. With our licensing, we do not offer embalming services, memorial services or visitations.

Arrangements are made by phone or online, although we have an office in Hamilton for families who prefer to make them in-person. We have licensed funeral directors on staff with decades of experience to guide you through the process, and our transfer service partners will always ensure your loved one is in the best of care. We rely on independently owned establishments for the cremation or aquamation of your loved one.

Our business model allows families to receive the high-quality, compassionate services that they expect from their local funeral home at an affordable cost to all.

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