We're often asked if we work with funeral homes for day-to-day operations. When you're interacting with Eirene, we are the funeral home (a new type, that is).

To understand how our business works, we have to describe how the industry operates. The funeral industry is very intertwined. Crematoriums, transfer services and funeral homes are often separately owned and operated to support families on a 24/7 basis.

We rely on the same transfer services and crematoriums that others may; we've simply taken out the need for a large facility and fancy vehicles of our own. By reducing overhead, we pass on savings to families.

Our licensing through the Bereavement Authority of Ontario allows us to pick up your loved one, prepare them for their cremation or aquamation, fill out all required paperwork, and hand-deliver the remains to the family. With our licensing, we do not offer embalming services, memorial services or visitations.

It's still the same care and quality you expect. We have just reimagined what a funeral home should look and feel like.

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